• What do I need to bring to my child’s first appointment?

    Parents or legal guardians should accompany the child to their first appointment. If a person other than the child’s guardian accompanies the child, a notarized letter from the parent/legal guardian authorizing this person to bring the child in for treatment will be required (this applies to step-parents unless legal custody has been given).  Parents and legal guardians will be asked to show identification.

    If the child’s guardians are divorced, please show evidence of custody before services are provided to the child.

    Bring new patient paperwork including the Patient Registration Form and the Parent Questionnaire, which you can print out from the patient forms section on this website.

    If applicable, please bring copies of any psychological or psychoeducational testing, any written feedback or records from teachers, counselors, therapist, pediatrician, psychologist or psychiatrist.

    If currently taking medications please bring the bottles with you. Also, please bring a list of all psychiatric medications that have been prescribed in the past.

    Parents can also download clinical assessment forms from the patient forms section, complete them and bring them to the child’s initial assessment.